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Articles about yoga and health, weight-loss, sex, attitude, sleep and more

iRest Meditation Have you ever been working around the house or yard on a Saturday and then sat down, taken a moments rest between tasks? Just relaxing at peace, not thinking about anything in particular. Does a place in nature spur a moment of peace and tranquility; like the vast expanse of the ocean and [...]


The experts we interviewed in recent podcasts have shared some great insights that will help new and seasoned yoga practitioners get more out of yoga. We highlight 12 jewels of wisdom that will benefit your practice. One or two of these ideas should add an insight or a clarification to benefit your practice. Listen to the [...]


Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Relief


We see yoga in the media every day….the Aflac duck is doing yoga!  The following is a plainspoken explanation about why yoga is very effective in reducing stress and anxiety. Our objective is to be as clear and science-based, so readers gain more insights about the benefits of yoga. Please send us your ideas and comments. Biomechanical [...]


I am Not Good at Yoga….but it Works and I Enjoy It

bio pic lung twist tape

The style of yoga I practice is a more athletic variety that includes exercise in a warm or hot room, with a calisthenic like warm-up and isometrics combined with intense stretching in hour long sessions. I am not Flexible After more than fifteen years I am only incrementally more flexible. Maybe it is because I [...]


It happens to all us…we get older and the walk to the shower is painful the morning after full court basketball, a 10k run or a couple sets of tennis. Even for the seasoned gym rat, there are just more aches and pains, and it takes longer to recover. I stumbled into a hot yoga [...]

Vets yoga 1

Real Stress/Real Relief At Yogapilots. Our goal is to encourage and help people learn yoga with plainspoken, clear and science-based explanations. Veterans practicing yoga are one of the best examples of the benefits of yoga and backed up by research and clinical evidence. Yoga relieves stress and anxiety for the men and women who have [...]


Starting Yoga: This is how you will feel


Like all new exercise, yoga takes a little time to start revealing its effects. Expect your body to feel good, and your attitude to improve, after one month of practicing yoga exercise regularly (about three times per week). If you are a runner, cycler, hiker, or otherwise quite physically active and using yoga as a [...]


Yoga and Cardiac Health


Clinical research supports what any yoga practitioner might intuitively believe about yoga: yoga is good for your cardiac health. Research also supports the use of yoga as a treatment for people with heart disease. My own experience with yoga created curiosity and fascination about how yoga supports physical and mental health. I have been jogging [...]


Three Simple Techniques for Better Sleep

sleeping well

Combine Three Simple Techniques for Better Sleep - Common sense, plain language yoga from Yogapilots! Sometimes, we all have trouble sleeping. The following are three yogic techniques that can help you get to sleep or, help you get back to sleep if you wake in the middle of the night. These techniques can be done individually [...]


Yoga and Weight Loss

revolved head to knee

Latest on Mindfulness and Weight loss!!! Please check out our Jan 2016 Podcast...Mindfulness Meditation, Weight Loss & Yoga. Interview w/ researcher Dr. Rick Hecht, clinical results & clear advice. Yes, yoga will make your body physical healthy and improve your attitude. But maybe what you most want is to lose weight. Can yoga help with [...]

Chair arm stretch 2

Yoga for Corporate Wellness: Bringing the Health and Productivity Benefits of Yoga to your Employees Effectively and Inexpensively Yoga is moving mainstream as a proven approach to keep employees happy, healthy and productive. It’s not a matter of if yoga works, but how best to bring it to your employees. Yoga has been proven to [...]


20 Minute Yoga Refresh to Combat “Sitting is the New Smoking!” If you work at a desk job, you probably spend more time sitting than doing anything else in your life. Did you know you could be spending as much as a third of your life sitting?? Desk jobs may not seem to be physically [...]


What Do Top Athletes Get From Doing Yoga?

Lebron doing yoga

What Do Top Athletes Get From Doing Yoga? Yoga has gone mainstream with professional athletics. Practicing some kind of yoga routine is now part of the regular mental and physical conditioning pro-athletes use to prepare their bodies and minds to perform at the highest levels. No — it’s not just the flexibility thing. You’ll hear [...]


There is lots of personal experience out there to validate the physical health benefits of yoga – increased flexibility, muscle strength, and relaxation to name a few. Although less well known, there are clinical studies and surveys that offer empirical evidence on the physical health benefits of yoga. (Even here – in the realm of [...]


When you see a happy grin on your yoga teacher’s face upon entering the room, you might be thinking, “What do they have that I don’t?” Then, as you leave, you realize everyone has that peaceful smile. Including YOU.  You just did an exercise class. You stretched muscles, maybe you worked up a sweat. So [...]

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What is Yoga as Exercise?

Iyengar triangle yoga position

Yoga is an ancient discipline, encompassing a range of practices - including exercises and stretches, patterned breathing techniques, meditation, and philosophy. As yoga has become more of a mainstream practice, many varied versions of yoga’s history, doctrines, texts, and styles have been disseminated in the media and in classes across the country. While many of [...]


Why Does Yoga Make You Feel Great?


Ask almost anyone who has been practicing yoga enough time to see results — usually about three times a week for six months — and they will tell you they feel the benefits: more energy, weight loss, better mood, libido and a lot fewer aches and pains. What follows are some common sense explanations about why [...]


Athletes and CEOs who Practice Yoga


Some of the most successful people out there are discovering that yoga is a huge asset - not just to their lives, but to their careers. Yoga makes them calmer, clearer, and more physically capable. And that’s great for all sorts of businesses! Although we don’t always see them practicing, many of the best athletes [...]


Sleep Better with Yoga


Whether it is trying to fall asleep, or waking up in the middle of the night and having a hard time falling back asleep, sometimes we all have trouble sleeping. The good news: yogic techniques will help you sleep better – though physical exercise (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation. Exactly why we need to sleep [...]


7 Reasons Yoga will Improve Your Sex Life


The following are seven common sense and science based reasons why yoga will improve your sex life.  1. Yoga is restorative. A regular yoga practice will energize and have a restorative effect. Restorative in the sense you will feel better both physically and mentally. People with a renewed sense of energy and restoration are more likely [...]


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