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This section supports our students with articles about learning yoga, working with a good teacher and practicing yoga safely


The experts we interviewed in recent podcasts have shared some great insights that will help new and seasoned yoga practitioners get more out of yoga. We highlight 12 jewels of wisdom that will benefit your practice. One or two of these ideas should add an insight or a clarification to benefit your practice. Listen to the [...]


Words and sounds are an integral part of a group yoga class. The music in a group yoga class if often music that has evolved over the past 30 years in the American yoga culture. One of the most prominent voices is Krishna Das (formerly Jeff Kagel of Long Island). His signature deep voice sings Americanized versions [...]


Five Questions to Ask your Yoga Teacher


1. How did your teacher learn yoga? Most good teachers have attended a certified yoga teacher training program. You should be able to Google the name of the school and verify it is a credible training school. Your teacher should have a biography online. A good teacher will also have a working knowledge of anatomy [...]

Vets yoga 1

Real Stress/Real Relief At Yogapilots. Our goal is to encourage and help people learn yoga with plainspoken, clear and science-based explanations. Veterans practicing yoga are one of the best examples of the benefits of yoga and backed up by research and clinical evidence. Yoga relieves stress and anxiety for the men and women who have [...]


Starting Yoga: This is how you will feel


Like all new exercise, yoga takes a little time to start revealing its effects. Expect your body to feel good, and your attitude to improve, after one month of practicing yoga exercise regularly (about three times per week). If you are a runner, cycler, hiker, or otherwise quite physically active and using yoga as a [...]


Three Simple Techniques for Better Sleep

sleeping well

Combine Three Simple Techniques for Better Sleep - Common sense, plain language yoga from Yogapilots! Sometimes, we all have trouble sleeping. The following are three yogic techniques that can help you get to sleep or, help you get back to sleep if you wake in the middle of the night. These techniques can be done individually [...]


Can I get hurt practicing yoga?

ridiculous - holding someone up in shoulder stand

Those new to yoga, as well as those already practicing, often ask the big question: “Can I get hurt practicing yoga?” The answer? Of course you can get hurt! You can get hurt in any physical activity. I’ll quote Baron Baptiste, a renowned yoga teacher and founder of his own style of power yoga: to [...]


What is Yoga as Exercise?

Iyengar triangle yoga position

Yoga is an ancient discipline, encompassing a range of practices - including exercises and stretches, patterned breathing techniques, meditation, and philosophy. As yoga has become more of a mainstream practice, many varied versions of yoga’s history, doctrines, texts, and styles have been disseminated in the media and in classes across the country. While many of [...]


Why Does Yoga Make You Feel Great?


Ask almost anyone who has been practicing yoga enough time to see results — usually about three times a week for six months — and they will tell you they feel the benefits: more energy, weight loss, better mood, libido and a lot fewer aches and pains. What follows are some common sense explanations about why [...]


The Importance of Individual Yoga Instruction


Why with so many group classes... should you absolutely practice yoga One-On-One? There are wonderful group classes out there – beautiful studios, dynamic teachers, who can teach to a room and root out alignment issues, make adjustments, all in the midst of a full class. In spite of this, we still say private instruction in [...]


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