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Articles on the Scientific Evidence Supporting Yoga

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Veterans practicing yoga are one of the best examples of the benefits of yoga and backed up by research and clinical evidence. This article maps out research and clinical trials done that substantiate the benefits of yoga. In fact, Yoga is now taught at more than 12 military bases and 30 veterans administration facilities. Both [...]


Yoga and Cardiac Health


Clinical research supports what any yoga practitioner might intuitively believe about yoga: yoga is good for your cardiac health. Research also supports the use of yoga as a treatment for people with heart disease. My own experience with yoga created curiosity and fascination about how yoga supports physical and mental health. I have been jogging [...]


Yoga and Weight Loss

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Latest on Mindfulness and Weight loss!!! Please check out our Jan 2016 Podcast...Mindfulness Meditation, Weight Loss & Yoga. Interview w/ researcher Dr. Rick Hecht, clinical results & clear advice. Yes, yoga will make your body physical healthy and improve your attitude. But maybe what you most want is to lose weight. Can yoga help with [...]

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Yoga for Corporate Wellness: Bringing the Health and Productivity Benefits of Yoga to your Employees Effectively and Inexpensively Yoga is moving mainstream as a proven approach to keep employees happy, healthy and productive. It’s not a matter of if yoga works, but how best to bring it to your employees. Yoga has been proven to [...]


There is lots of personal experience out there to validate the physical health benefits of yoga – increased flexibility, muscle strength, and relaxation to name a few. Although less well known, there are clinical studies and surveys that offer empirical evidence on the physical health benefits of yoga. (Even here – in the realm of [...]


When you see a happy grin on your yoga teacher’s face upon entering the room, you might be thinking, “What do they have that I don’t?” Then, as you leave, you realize everyone has that peaceful smile. Including YOU.  You just did an exercise class. You stretched muscles, maybe you worked up a sweat. So [...]

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Athletes and CEOs who Practice Yoga


Some of the most successful people out there are discovering that yoga is a huge asset - not just to their lives, but to their careers. Yoga makes them calmer, clearer, and more physically capable. And that’s great for all sorts of businesses! Although we don’t always see them practicing, many of the best athletes [...]

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In a corresponding article we wrote about the 7 Reasons Yoga will Improve Your Sex Life. Three of the seven reasons stem from a growing body of scientific research provided by clinical studies and survey data. In this article, we expand on the scope of these studies and surveys.  1.Yoga has been clinically proven to [...]


How Yoga Can Improve Heart Health


Yoga can be a great cardio workout and is comparable to Pilates, spinning and jogging. In addition, Yoga is entering the mainstream of American medicine as a complementary heart illness therapy and, as treatment for chronic heart disease. For more information please check out the article we wrote, Yoga and Cardiac Health for Ekhart Yoga [...]


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