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Not Yoga in a Conference Room. Try This to Engage More Employees to Learn the Mental and Physical Benefits of Yoga

Yogapilots has a new effective and economical method to bring the mental and physical benefits of yoga to employees.IMG_6909_Small©ChristineHewitt

No doubt people are interested in yoga: The number of yoga practitioners grew from 20.4 million in 2012 to 37 million in 2016. Most people identify themselves as beginners; most people practice at home, and 90% agree that yoga enhances performance in other activities. There is compelling evidence that a yoga benefit has a very solid ROI.

Yogapilots Corporate Yoga program focuses on individual communication, a service that engages employees with surveys, education, phone conversation and home practice material; with the goal of getting a new student to understand some yoga basics and find the right yoga style for their individual needs and goals.

Yogapilots caters to people who have heard about the benefits of yoga, but may have been intimidated, been dissuaded by myths or have been turned off by the new age lifestyle flakiness that surrounds yoga on the internet. Yogapilots targets a forty and over demographic of new and seasoned yoga students.yoga-header

It can be difficult to motivate an employee to see a mental health professional for stress and anxiety relief. Yoga served individually to an employee is an easier choice and a remedy supported by substantial clinical research.

We bring yoga to people in a clear, pragmatic and science-based format that resonates with professional business cultures.

1. Yogapilots individual focus clears the myths, removes the stigmas, and mitigates the intimidation factor surrounding yoga.

2. Yoga has many different mental and physical benefits. Yoga can reduce stress and anxiety, relieve back pain or make a person more resilient. Accordingly, there are many different yoga styles to help people achieve their individual goals.

3. Yogapilots guides people to the right style that meets their needs and goals. We listen first then work individually.

4. Yogapilots explains how to get started at home safely, with free videos in the style that meet an individual’s needs and goals and/or we prepare new students for participating in group classes.

5. Our program is scalable to offices all geographic areas.

6. Yogapilots will teach everyone in your company the basic health benefits of yoga in a clear, pragmatic and science-based way.

Please contact us www.yogapilots.com/contact for demonstration of our interesting and engaging digital employee introduction to the physical and mental benefits of yoga.

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