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Ellen Saltonstall: Accomplished Yoga Instructor and Author: Insights on preventing injuries, Yoga for arthritis and Bodymind Ballwork

itunesart.rev4. Saltonstall is an accomplished yoga instructor and author. She has been teaching yoga for 30 years, originally training in the Iyengar and Anasura styles of yoga. Ellen is the co-author of two books, Yoga for Osteoporosis and Yoga for Arthritis. Ellen teaches yoga, therapeutic yoga and Yoga anatomy classes at her studio in New York City. www.ellensaltonstall.com

Ellen has developed a therapeutic practice to massage and stretch localized areas of the body called Bodymind Ballwork. The distinct feature of Bodymind Ballwork is the use of rubber balls of varying sizes and textures (as small as a walnut and as big as a melon), which support, massage and stretch localized areas of the body.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • Ellen’s yoga teaching style and philosophy:
    • Safe practice.
    • Development of body movement and body awareness.
    • Self-knowledge. Lean more about yourself, your mind, your emotions and tendencies.

      Ellen Saltonstall

      Ellen Saltonstall

  • Alignment in yoga postures – Where are your body parts when you move?
  • Bending at the hips instead of the waist – One of the biggest culprits to back pain and not being able to bend at the hips are tight hamstrings. Stretch your hamstrings while lying on the floor to protect your spine as you stretch.
  • Three steps to wrist safety – Wrists are a common injury in yoga. How to keep your wrists safe in downward-facing dog.
  • Therapeutic yoga.
  • Yoga and anatomy.
  • Yoga for arthritis.
    • Cartilage wears away – body response is to make more bone. Synovial fluid doesn’t flow as evenly.
    • Yoga takes joints to a full range of motion – feeds and stimulates the flow of synovial fluid though joints.
    • Stretch connective tissue and muscles – joints have more room to move.
    • Alignment – a cause of arthritis.
    • Mental and emotional – calms the mind – state of your mind affects your experience of pain.
    • Yoga practice for arthritis is very individualized, and a private lesson, with a qualified teacher, is the best way to start.
  • Bodymind BallworkTrap hips upIMG_0263
    • Practice in combination with yoga.
    • Release tension, loosen muscles and relax specific areas of your body.
    • Specific exercise for releasing shoulder tension.
    • This is what my shoulders are supposed to feel like!
  • Yogic Breathing –
    • Adding breath-work (pranayama) to your yoga routine can be a great health benefit.
  • Ellen’s personal yoga practice.

More about Ellen at www.ellensaltonstall.com. Ellen is conducting a Bodymind Ballwork workshop March 18-20th, 2016 in NYC.

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