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Details and Links to the Topics Discussed in the Introduction Video


Podcast with Dr. Loren Fishman: Dedicated, brilliant physician integrating healing yoga. Osteoporosis, Back-Pain, Weight Loss. Dr. Loren Fishman has been practicing yoga for forty years, he trained for a year with yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar and is currently Medical Director of Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Fishman combines his significant depth of knowledge in medicine and yoga to treat patients; he has also completed clinical studies that support yoga for healing. We discuss Western medicine, yoga as an accompanying or alternative therapy and the clinical evidence supporting yoga.

Yogic Breathing

In the following link, scroll down the page to the Yogic Breathing for Sleep topic to learn how emphasizing your exhales triggers a biomechanical response to slow your heart rate.

Podcast with Ellen Saltonstall, an accomplished yoga instructor, and author, teaching yoga for 30 years, originally training in the Iyengar and Anasura yoga styles. Ellen talks about yogic breathing (pranayama) as an integral part of restorative yoga and the meditative parts of yoga. Go to 32min in this podcast.

Yoga is Helping Veterans to Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Become More Physically Active with Less Pain – An article with success stories of veterans using yogic breathing for stress and anxiety relief.


Learn why a headstand or shoulderstand lowers your blood pressure and why you should be very careful to practice a shoulderstand safely. See our article: Safer Shoulderstands: Healthy Neck + Happy Heart.

Reduce Stress with Yoga

Read about the biomechanics of stress reducing yoga. Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Athletes Durability and Stamina

Learn how top pro athletes find stamina, durability and game time focus through yoga.

Athletes and CEOs who Practice Yoga

What Do Top Athletes Get From Doing Yoga?

The biomechanical benefits of lying and resting at the end of yoga class

Mel Robin Podcast – Mel Robin is the author of a 1500 page book titled, A Handbook for Yogasana Teachers, The Incorporation of Neuroscience, Physiology, and Anatomy into the Practice, he is about to publish a more comprehensive eBook in 2016. Mel has practiced yoga, studied and taught Iyengar yoga for the past thirty years.

Mel talks about how a consistent yoga practice conditions the bodies nervous system and explains the biomechanical reasons to take the extra few minutes and rest at the end of a yoga class (savasana). Go to 32min and 10 seconds in this podcast.

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