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Milard Roper: Accomplished Local Teacher – Forrest & Bhakti yoga. Strength of mind through yoga practice

itunesart.finalnewsizejpgMarch2016Milard Roper is one of our accomplished and experienced local teachers here on Long Island. Milard has two studios in Huntington, NY offering; classes, teacher training and workshops. He studied yoga with several very senior yoga teachers including; 200 hours with Ana Forrest, 100 hours with Raganuth and 500 hours with Sandra Loring.

In addition, Milard is a licensed Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist as well as a Board Certified Chinese Herbalist. Milard has also taught Kung Fu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for many years.

Milard’s website is www.thefunkyom.com.

Milard talks with Yogapilots about:

  • Forrest yoga – Anna Forrest
    • Core work – supporting structuring muscles – at the beginning of practice
    • Postures – vinyasa similarity – build heat internally – holding postures – practiced at 85 degrees – mindful assisting
    • Breathing and movement
    • Alignment
  • Bhakti – Raganuth Cappo
    • Background as a monk and rock musician.
    • Bhakti yoga – Yoga of devotion – Emphasis on devotion to the divine.
    • Traditional yogic ethical philosophy originating from ancient Indian texts
    • Bhakti yoga – Devotional tradition that works in tandem with an individual’s religion. Analogous to Christian Gospel traditions.
    • Kirtan – Chanting/singing a devotion to a divine higher power.
    • Includes physical postures in practice
  • Yoga – breathing deep – restorative effects
  • Feel good part of yoga – pro athletes – stamina and durability
    • Why does a yoga practice have the feel good and restorative effect
    • Importance of the final resting pose in yoga (Shavasana) takes the physicality of practice, the firing up of the sympathetic nervous system and transfers the energy of the activity to the restorative parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system.
  • Mental Benefits of Yoga
    • Game time focus – Concentration – Quarterback decisions in the pocket
    • Yoga history – how to use yoga to control and manage your mind – practice and determination
    • Strength of mind through the practice of yoga
  • Advice for a new student
    • Try it with a reference frame to be open to new experiences. Get through your first class before making a judgment.
  • Milard’s personal practice – Daily home practice

Milard’s studio website is www.thefunkyom.com.

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