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Podcast: Bikram Yoga Research: Vascular Health and Glucose Tolerance: Clinical Evidence

itunesart.rev4. Yoga is one of the most widely practiced yoga styles in the world, yet there has not been significant clinical research until recently. Dr. Hunter has done several clinical studies and is completing new research. Please join us for a discussion about the new research, the results and the benefits of Bikram yoga. Dr.Hunter also discusses her personal yoga practice and offers advice to people interested in practicing Bikram and other styles of yoga.

Dr. Hunter is the Research Director of www.pureaction.org a non-profit focused on bringing the benefits of yoga to mainstream medicine through research, education and community outreach. Dr. Hunter has published several studies on the impact of yoga on cardiovascular health and glucose tolerance. Pureaction is hosting a Yoga Research Conference in Austin, Texas, July 22 through July 24th 2016, details can be found at www.pureaction.org.

Read the transcript of this podcast here.

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