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Stacy Plaske: Accomplished Local Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Mysore Style Practice, Chair Yoga for Seniors, Yoga and Religion

itunesart.finalnewsizejpgMarch2016Podcast: Stacy Plaske is one of our great local yoga teachers specializing in the Ashtanga style of yoga. A founder and co-owner of Long Island-based Balance Yoga & Healing Arts Center in Huntington, NY. A teacher for fourteen years; Stacy traveled to India eight times and studied with the creator of Ashtanga yoga, Pattabhi Jois.

Stacy is a wonderfully enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher who continues her studies with top professionals in the yoga community including Sharath Jois, Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor and Tim Feldman.

Stacy’s Studio is Balance Yoga and Healing www.balanceyogaandhealing.com

In this podcast we discuss:

The types and variety of Ashtanga classes.

The Ashtanga Series explained.

Led Ashtanga yoga – Everyone begins together and does a series together as a class. Better for a student with experience. About 90 minutes per class

Mysore classes – Named after a town in India – Open practice room for 2.5 hours

  • Everyone practices at their own pace.
  • Learn series in progression as each posture prepares a student for the next posture.
  • Memorization of postures.
  • Teacher walks around and helps students individually.
  • Better for beginners.

The type of person that practices and enjoy Ashtanga yoga.

  • Ashtanga yogis are more the shepherds than the sheep. Take charge and dive into learning and practicing.
  • Rigorous physical practice.
  • A good teacher is very important.
  • Student’s must possess the inner desire and be patient to build an Ashtanga practice over time.
  • In Stacy’s classes the demographics are 30 to 60 year old men and women from the community.

Going to India to study yoga. Stacy describes experiences learning from Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga yoga.

Senior chair yoga

  • Group is mostly women – 60 to 80 years old.
  • Start with a guided meditation.
  • Then breathing.
  • Gentle movement.
  • An hour long class.
  • Practice sitting and standing near chair.

The feedback has been tremendous! The feedback from seniors is that they are feeling much better, look forward to the class and want to practice at home.

The importance of a good teacher, and questions to ask a new teacher. A good yoga teacher has the ability to connect to her students.

Stacy’s personal practice – an experts insight into the evolution of a physical practice and personal development found in the philosophical and ethical principles of yoga.

Spirituality and Ethical Philosophy or Religion – Yoga is not a religion. A science of the mind and a comparison to the “Golden Rule.” Yoga has strengthened the existing faith and religion of the students that Stacy teaches.

www.balanceyogaandhealing.com 680 East Jericho Turnpike in Huntington Station, N.Y.

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