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The Yogapilots Story

The Yogapilots Story — Who we are and why we do this

Why would someone who was not into yoga at all end up starting a blog to bring yoga to as many folks as possible?

I began practicing yoga fifteen years ago. I’d been exercising four times a week for most of my adult life – mostly traditional gym machine workouts with a little skiing, tennis, and basketball for fun. I ran a couple marathons, and maintained my fitness with five-mile runs. Then, I injured my Achilles heel. I had bio pic lung twist tapenever tried yoga, let alone hot yoga, but a freind introduced me to it and I started practicing. After six months, my body felt great. When I returned to running I was in better shape than I had been before my injury… even though I hadn’t been doing any cardio.

Like many people who start practicing yoga, I found quickly that yoga worked for me — it made things better in many ways. I was stronger at 50 than I was at 25. My aches and pains mostly disappeared. My physical and mental energy ramped.

My home life is busy. I have two great teenage kids. I live on Long Island in Greenlawn, NY,  where I coach teen basketball.  I love to ski. If, like me, you are balancing activities and family and work — and all the surprises they bring — you too know that life can be hectic! We all need a little help to keep our bodies and minds at their best state of health and wellness.

Our goal is to bring yoga to people in a simple and direct way. At Yogapilots, we strive to be a clear and reliable source of information about yoga.

The history of yoga is somewhat clouded in mystery, which has led to some inaccurate (and pretty crazy) doctrine out there on the internet. The new age movement promoted homespun teachings about yoga, some of which run far from the origins and real meanings.

To get to the bottom of what yoga is really all about, I have read extensively, attended seminars at some of the best Yoga learning institutions, and studied with a wide variety of great teachers. If you develop a robust yoga practice, you will find your teachers are invaluable. I thank the many dedicated yoga teachers who have graciously taught and guided me.

The Yogapilots approach is to rely on the writings and teachings of yoga teachers with a proven history and lineage as our source of information. Two of the preeminent teachers we study are the late B.K.S. Iyengar and T. Krishnamachayara. Both of these men taught yoga for more than 50 years, studied and wrote extensively, and were highly regarded by their students and peers.

For example, there is a lot of talk in the media that yoga is a religion. Yogapilots believes that yoga is an ethical discipline and, in the words of the late B.K.S. Iyengar in his book Light on Life, “Yoga is not meant to be a religion or a dogma for anyone culture.”

Yogapilots also looks to the growing body of scientific and clinical evidence supporting the mental and physical benefits of yoga. Whenever possible, Yogapilots brings scientific evidence into what we do. See articles in our “Proof That Yoga Works Section.”

Yoga comes in many styles — so many that the choice of what to practice can be confusing. We create yoga practices for busy people in clear language.

I am lucky to have some great people working with me:

Darcy Miller, our Creative Consultant and Writer, is a certified vinyasa yoga instructor. She trained at Sonic Yoga in NYC, and has taught studio classes, corporate classes, and private lessons on both coasts. She is also a copywriter and screenwriter/filmmaker with her company, See in the Dark Productions and a graduate of Yale University.

We have great assistance with our web infrastructure and design from David Alexander Jones and his company Pixelloop. http://pixelloop.org

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