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Try 20 minute yoga refresh

We will send you a 20 minute yoga practice designed for a person who has been sedentary for several hours and needs to be refreshed and energized. No need for a yoga mat or yoga clothes, just a stable chair and 20 minutes.

Our goal is to reach people who have heard about the mental and physical benefits of yoga, but don’t know where to start; or those who have been discouraged by the lack of clarity in American yoga. We designed this to be useful and interesting to the average busy person and still be authentic yoga. My approach to yoga is factual and based on science and research and, several highly educated & experienced teachers helped create this yoga practice.

In the one page of directions there are links in the instruction sheet to articles on our website www.yogapilots.com  explaining why yoga works, about the scientific proof, expert teachers we consult with, as well as the many top pro-athletes and CEOs who are practice and advocate yoga. Two of the included yoga breathing exercises have been clinically proven, and are being used with veterans suffering from stress and anxiety.

This is a new approach to yoga, and it would mean a great deal to us if you give feedback with a 3 minute multiple choice questionnaire, here on our homepage (optionally anonymous). Or just call and tell me what you think!


Thank you,  Mark Anthony Dellecave 347-723-4533

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