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Why 20 minutes of Yoga is Refreshing

Why 20 Minutes of Yoga Works

After your twenty minutes of yoga, you will feel refreshed and ready to continue with a busy day, or just be more ready to relax and enjoy friends and family. Your own experience — possibly the first time, but certainly after a few sessions — will be your proof. Please send us your feedback with our 3-minute multiple choice survey. The following is a brief summary of why just 20 minutes of yoga can change your day.

From a physiological perspective, our twenty minutes of yoga involves deep, slow and smooth breathing, as well as stretches and inversions done with deliberate concentration. This is a common sense way to get refreshed.seated twist

Biomechanically, this yoga practice is slowing your breath rate, stretching your hamstrings and inverting your body (heart above head). These physical movements activate the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of our nervous system that controls the restorative functions of the body. Scientists can now measure these improvements as evidence supporting the mental and physical benefits of yoga.

Yoga is becoming mainstream in American medicine as a complementary remedy for a wide range of medical conditions — ranging from post-traumatic stress disorder to atrial fibrillation, back pain and sleep disorders. See the Proof Yoga Works section for the facts and clinical evidence supporting the mental and physical benefits of yoga.

It makes sense that yoga is a great remedy for back pain, since yoga involves strengthening, stretching, bending and twisting the muscles around the spine. The discs in the spine do not have their own blood supply and are supported by nearby muscles, so engaging these muscles means better blood flow to the discs.

Many top professional athletes have embraced yoga and cite the benefits as endurance, durability and better game time focus. The athletes include many baseball pitchers and tennis players who place exceptional stress on parts of their bodies — the ever growing list includes Lebron James, Ray Lewis and Russell Wilson. Read our article, “Who Does Yoga.”

Many adults in India practice a form of yoga similar to this 20 minute routine. The more rigorous forms of yoga, like Bikram, vinyasa and hot power yoga, are largely an American phenomenon; they were originally developed in India to teach children yoga, by holding their attention with the exercises. Adult Indians describe their early learning of yoga as the development of concentration. You will experience the concentration it takes to link your breathing to physical movements. It is a relaxed concentration that redirects your mind with the intent to relax, similar to playing a round of golf or going out with friends for the evening.IMG_3627_Small©ChristineHewitt

We can help you learn more and develop a more robust yoga practice. We have several varied methods to help bring you a great experience. Please explore our site to learn more. We will be offering more ways to practice and learn about yoga so please try our 20 minute yoga refresh, and tell us about your specific yoga interest in our feedback survey.



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