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Style Guide Report and Live Consultation – Get Started with the Report, $29.99 – Half the Price of a Private Lesson!


We keep it simple. Yogapilots puts all of our analysis in plainspoken English.

Here is how it works……

  1. Take our 7-minute survey – tell us about your physical status, time constraints, and your goals
  2. A few days later, Read your individually prepared Yoga Style Guide Report
  3. Then discuss the report with Yogapilots in a live telephone or Skype consultation.

Our 7-minute survey starts with where you are right now. What are your goals and needs? How is your body? What about your state of mind? Do you want to learn about meditation and yogic philosophy or not? How much time do you have?  Most importantly… what do you want from yoga?

This is What We Deliver to You – 10 Specific Services

Yogapilots uses your answers to create your custom made Yogapilots Style Guide Report.

1. We start with explaining suggested yoga styles – Including the history and progression of a class from warm-up to closing postures, describing breathing exercises, illustrating standing  and floor yoga postures.

2. Our Style Guide Report describes the physical demands and mental aspects of the suggested yoga style in consideration of your physical status, needs, goals and time limitations.

3. We explain how a yoga style will help you reach your primary goals you described in your survey. For example, if being a better golfer is one of your goals, we will explain in detail how and why yoga can help. Or if back pain is a primary concern we will explain the how, why, along with the proof that yoga can help.

4. Finding a great teacher is one of the most important steps to an enjoyable and successful yoga practice and our Yogapilots Style Guide Report offers advice on how to evaluate and find a great yoga teacher.

5. Although yoga is a non-impact sport, it is very possible to get hurt doing yoga, and we help you minimize this risk. Some people will just jump into a headstand, shoulderstand or spinal twist without understanding how to try it safely and where the body might be vulnerable. We consider your physical condition and recommend a framework to practice yoga safely.

6. We explain how to prepare for class, classroom etiquette,  and tips on how to better enjoy and get the most out of a group yoga class.

7. Yogapilots describes what to expect when giving a yoga style a try, and clearly defines what can be confusing terminology often explained in a complex foreign language.

8. Our Report includes a guide to free online yoga classes.  The internet is a confusing array of many free yoga videos. Yogapilots has researched and cataloged the well-produced free yoga videos available on the internet. Very good yoga teachers have produced free videos and, the Yogapilots Style Guide Report will send you free yoga videos best suited to your unique body, needs and goals.

9. Yogapilots will email your custom designed Style Guide Report in three business days.

10. During your initial Style Guide Survey, you will be given the choice to select the date and time for your live consultation to answer questions about our report, and make sure you are off to a great start.  Your live consultation is with Mark Anthony, the Founder of Yogapilots.

The Value

Sure you can try a few classes on a friend’s recommendation or buy a few books… but which books do you read? Do you have the time? Is money wasted on classes that may not be good for your unique needs and goals?

Do you believe that a yoga studio will turn you away and tell you they do NOT offer the yoga you need?

Most great yoga teachers specialize in one style of yoga. You need to find the yoga style right for your goals and a great yoga teacher specializing in that style.

Our pricing is less than the price of just one private yoga lesson!!

Our Guarantee

We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service.

You will gain a clear vision of your path to a great yoga practice without wasting time or money in the wrong class or style. And benefit from our research to quickly get you to an enjoyable, safe, healthy and beneficial yoga practice that is right for your unique health status, need and goals.

  • The Yogapilots Style Guide Report – $29.99
  • The 30 minute Live Consultation with Yogapilots Founder, Mark Anthony – $30.00

Pay $29.99 to start, and you have the option to schedule and pay for the “Live Consultation” after reading your custom designed report.

Start with the Yogapilots Style Guide Survey button.

Act now, this is a limited time introductory offer!

Bonus: Receive a FREE 20-minute yoga session designed to refresh and invigorate after sitting for long periods of time. No yoga mat or special clothes required just 20 minutes and a stable chair. The 20-minute Yoga Refresh session includes one page of clear directions and an MP3 audio.

Start Survey Now

Many people who start practicing yoga, even in their 40s say that they become the strongest they have ever been with, more energy and resilience; they say it feels like their body is thanking them the day after a yoga session.

So…, How do you feel after exercising?

We are going to help you feel great!IMG_0195_Small©ChristineHewitt

Many people are interested in yoga but are either intimidated or turned off by the lack of clarity surrounding yoga.

There are a variety yoga styles to help you reach your individual goals. It can be confusing; what yoga style? What teacher?

Our service is for the busy professional who has heard about the great benefits of yoga and does not have the time to study yoga and try various styles. Our customers want a personalized service to understand better, and move quickly to the yoga that helps achieve their goals and needs.

My Story: About 15 years ago, I found myself in a yoga class after hurting my Achilles running. Before that, I was a typical gym rat, I ran a couple marathons, played full court basketball and had a high-stress job.bio pic lung twist tape

I got a card for my birthday once; it was a picture of two camping tents. What do you mean I am TOO TENSE?  Forget that!….. I’m not ANGRY either!! yeah… right…

As I got into my forties, my back and hips started to get real sore. The walk to the shower in the morning the day after full court basketball was painful.

Yoga changed all that. Yoga had a unique restorative power and made me more resilient.

Yoga worked so well for me, but it wasn’t clear why. So I read and studied at some of the best Yoga institutions while learning yoga from many top teachers. Yoga is clouded in mystery and, it was hard to get to the real substance.

After seven years learning and studying the benefits of the various styles and the real scientific evidence on yoga; we can guide you, clearly and quickly, to an enjoyable and sustainable yoga experience that is right for your unique goals and needs.

Yoga Success Stories

Kareem Abdul Jabar credits yoga for his incredible durability as an NBA Center and Lebron James credits yoga for his incredible stamina.

Yoga will also improve your attitude. Russell Wilson and Kevin Garnett and many others also credit yoga for helping them get in the zone. Yoga develops concentration and improves our ability to pause between stimulus and response. Improved ability to concentrate and pause before reacting are the essence of the mental benefits from yoga. Read more at Yogapilots.com.

And Ray Lewis Practiced yoga  for a long career and healthier lifestyle.5Ray-Lewis

The real substance of yoga has a history and a lineage. Additionally, our research shows real validation in a growing body of clinical studies and research. The U.S. Veterans vets yoga 2Administration has approved and is using yoga to help veterans suffering from PTSD a severe stress and anxiety problem. We have a series of articles on our website with the types of yoga helping veterans, the research, and clinical evidence.

Scary indian yoga image


The Lack of Clarity about Yoga

There are very few standards or even regulations in the Yoga industry and what may be written on a yoga website. Without industry standards, you need a guide.

Yoga is filled with pseudo holistic claims and misguided religious undertones. The truth is yoga is not a religion, and you DO NOT have to be flexible to benefit.

Yoga WILL make you strong, resilient, help your attitude and make you more healthy.

Practicing yoga without a guide is like going out to buy a car without having seen one, been inside a car or even driven a car. You may get lucky and go to the right dealer and get a good deal on the right car, on your first try…..but probably not!!

Get to the right yoga for YOU

Yoga is multifaceted. Yoga can be a physical exercise, a breathing routine, or meditation. Purely physical, or include mindfulness and ethical philosophy. 90 minutes of a hard workout, 20 minutes to compliment triathlon training or 20 minutes of restorative breathing and gentle movement.IMG_9739_Small©ChristineHewittresting in meditation sitting

Everyone’s path in yoga is unique and our Yogapilots Style Guide Survey takes your physical status, needs, and goals and creates a concise high-quality solution that will save you time and quickly prove valuable.

Different yoga styles achieve different goals. So what are your needs and goals from yoga? Strength or help heal an injury? Yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga can make you a better golfer, tennis player, football player, dancer or musician.

With our research and deep resources in the yoga community, we are your guides to get you to the right yoga for YOU.


Start Survey Now


If you are not ready to start now…..Learn more about our clear, time saving and science-based approach to getting started in an enjoyable and sustainable yoga practice by completing the survey and choosing a free sample of our work. You will have the option to pick a free report that we will send to you.

We will save your answers, and you may return and pay for our full report after reading more about Yogapilots and understanding the unique value we offer.

We will email your free report and also,  provide a link to download the bonus free 20-minute Yoga Refresh.

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